Top Canadian Slots for Play

Canada Casino Slots

Slot machine is a popular choice among the casino goers because there are many reasons to love this casino game. Canadian and especially Albertan players prefer betting on this game because of its simplicity in terms of game mechanics. Someone who has never played in a gaming site could easily dive into this game. Simply place the bet and it's ready to go.

Another reason why players are flocking in front of a slot machine is because of its colorful and playful themes. Almost every theme that a player can imagine is already available in the slot market. Software developers are creating different styles from the classic ones to the extravagant versions of this game. Canadian slots will surely find a way to offer a unique and amusing theme.

How to Play Slot

Canada Casino Slots Canada

Playing slot machine is not so complicated. Players simply need to access the game through instant play with no download needed. It is also possible to download and install a software in order to open a slot game.

Once the player has accessed the game, he or she can start placing a bet. Depending on the slot machine, there's a minimum and maximum wager to deposit. The lowest amount possible can go as low as 0.1 while the highest amount can go up to 20 for a single bet. Most of the slot machines offer a Max Bet button, which automatically increase the player's wager on the highest possible bet.

The goal of the game is to get matching symbols on a single pay line. Available pay lines may also vary from a single betting line to over 20 pay lines, depending on the number of reels.

Symbols within the slot machine are based on a theme. Thus, Albertan online casino players get a really entertaining game with animated symbols complete with sound effects. Upon matching a set of symbols, players can add the winnings to their current bankroll or choose to gamble it for a chance to double or triple the money.

Types of Slots for Alberta

Slot machines may vary on the number of reels, count of pay lines, themes, and bet range. Other than that, we can also categorize slots based on its features. These are classic slot, video slot, or progressive slot.

The classic slot is the simplest of them all. It usually has only three pay lines and uses fruits and numbers are symbols. This type of Canadian slot is perfect for those new in the casino world. Meanwhile, video slot is more innovative because it showcases animated user interface. Its graphics and design are more charming compared to classic slots.

A progressive slot machine highlights the bonus feature of the game, which increases over time. When there are more players in the game, the progressive jackpot prize quickly rises making the game more exciting for the players. Once the jackpot prize has been won, it will reset to its base pot amount.

Top Software Developers of Slots in Alberta

Canada Casino Slots

Some of the most recommended slot machines in Alberta are created by the highly trusted software developer companies like IGT, Microgaming, and BetSoft.

Microgaming has been in the gaming industry for a very long time. Since 1994, the company has developed award-winning games. Microgaming slot machines include Terminator, Alaskan Fishing, Jurrasic Park, Wild Orient, and The Dark Night Rises.

Another trusted software company is IGT, which features various games aside from slot machines. BetSoft, on the other hand, builds mobile-friendly slots with innovative 3D graphics.

Even those who never played Canadian slots can absolutely get hooked in this game once they started. Playing such a game can also be a good break from the usual card games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Casino players will never go wrong when choosing slots in Alberta online casinos.